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International Business Podcast

How do we deal with China with international trade wars? Is this the correct way to deal with China? Check out this international business podcast and listen! CLICK HERE!

Listen to Rick Wertheimer talk about cultures within companies, on this international business podcast.

This global business podcast is a little funny… and talks about how NOT to do business in China!

For more help in international business get the international business book!



The Lemonade Stand- Business Advice Radio By Bill Decker Meet Bill Decker and Denise Kohnke: two very different consultants who entertain as they teach the secrets of business and marketing success in The Lemonade Stand.

Listen and learn fun dinner party content! Get smart to impress your boss! Or take your own business to new heights! Topics range from how to write a marketing plan, to negotiation basics, to definition of business terms to international business strategies…