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5 Secrets Behind Apstra’s Intent-Based Networking Success

Apstra pioneered the use of intent-based reasoning for network operators. Now, intent-based-everything has become all the rage, with widespread analyst acclaim and lots of vendors jumping on the bandwagon.

Over the past 3+ years in the business, we think we’re getting the hang of what it means to create real value from intent-based technology. We’ve deployed in the world’s largest service providers and enterprises. We have learned from customers in multiple vertical markets including tech, finance, media, insurance, manufacturing, mobility, services, oil and gas, etc. It seems like everybody is engaging and learning to benefit from intent-based network systems.

Our take-away is that it’s less about the underlying technology, and much more about how it is applied. Here are five ways Apstra has applied intent-based reasoning to networking…



Intent-based Networking – A Must for SDN

SDN is about making networking more flexible and agile through programming network elements.

Such programming needs to be done in a standard way.

Hence, standardizing the southbound protocol that directly commands a network element to forward traffic is important. So is the northbound protocol through which different applications tell an SDN controller the WHAT and HOW of what it wants to achieve from the network…



Intent-based Networking

There’s always a “next big thing” in networking… Five years ago, it was Ethernet Fabrics in the data center, then came SDN, and currently it is SD-WAN. As SD-WAN adoption grows and shifts from bleeding to leading edge, the next big thing on the networking horizon promises to be… wait for it… Intent-based Networking….